Bangalore in Karnataka requires a regular supply of highly skilled manpower. Unlike the technology/IT sector which enjoys strong support from tier 1, 2 and 3 engineering colleges, the Indian AVGC industry lacks strong educational foundation. Our AVGC industry currently depends on vocational institutes offering short/medium term diploma programs to plug this gap. Unfortunately, the training staff and curricula offered in these institutes are not updated with the production rigors and best practices in industry. Thus the industry suffers from a severe shortage of production-ready graduates. We need a symbiotic ecosystem, sustained by government and industry stakeholders to quickly address this gap. A strong pool of ready talent is critical to support aggressive industry growth, especially in small and medium sized companies.

ABAI, which actively represents and supports the development of AVGC in Karnataka, has proposed the establishment of an ”AVGC Finishing School” to bridge the gaps listed above and create production-ready talent. Having a pool of production-ready talent will help AVGC companies to thrive in Karnataka/Bangalore. The primary focus would be to deliver rigorous training programs that immerse high-potential fresh graduates into production tasks and review cycles, mentored by experienced professionals from the AVGC industry.

That as part of the implementation of the AVGC finishing school, the ABAI shall fix mentorships/reviews with experienced professional artists, market its programs, filter and induct high caliber applicants and roll out batches of production ready trainees every 3 to 9 months.

The finishing school will offer valuable production experience to fresh graduates, via masterclasses, hands-on tasks and reviews by industry veterans, such that trainees are productive as soon as they join work.